Extreme Trailers, LLC Announces Key Maintenance Features

(Dover, OH -7.10.2017) Extreme Trailers, LLC, manufacturers of commercial flatbed, drop deck, and dump semitrailers announced key patented trailer-maintenance features that are designed to reduce downtime while maximizing profitability for trailer owners. Les Smith, CEO and president Extreme Trailers, LLC made the announcement.

“Reduced downtime for our patented designs and systems was our goal as we planned our manufacturing process,” said Les Smith, president of Extreme Trailers, LLC. “We took an innovative approach to redesigning standard product offerings common in the marketplace with the goal of helping fleets, trucking companies, dealers and owner operators eliminate or reduce typical maintenance issues that pile up and represent big losses in both time and profit.”

Some of these maintenance features include the patented air system. It features remote-mounted brake valves, and other key components, allowing brake valves to be replaced in as little as 15 minutes. Another patented design is the bolt-on bumper which allows for simple and fast maintenance on multiple trailers for large fleets, trucking companies and owner-operators alike. Included in the bolt-on bumper is the lighting system that is equipped with a removable rear light panel. The removable rear light panel also makes service fast and easy.  It includes a front inspection panel for easy access to electrical components such as the main seven-way harness, and ISO plugs.

Other examples of how Extreme Trailer’s attention to detail, in both the design and manufacturing processes, has accomplished reduced maintenance costs for customers include, but are not limited to:

  • Eliminating all steel fasteners which are replaced with button-head nylon ties thus reducing corrosion and reducing service time of those components.
  • All plug-in assemblies, including the main seven-way harness, are coated with dielectric grease and sealed - resulting in reduced calcium chloride buildup -which ultimately protects wires, and prevents damage to electrical components.


“Our patented designs benefit customers with reduced downtime, enhanced revenues and greater profitability,” continued Smith. “Our focus is always on how to produce products that help our customers become more efficient and more profitable.”

For more information about Extreme Trailers, LLC, or how to become a Dealer, contact the company at 330-440-0026 or visit www.extremetrailersllc.com.

About Extreme Trailers, LLC

Extreme Trailers, LLC is located in Dover, Ohio and is a leader in innovative design and high-quality manufacturing of equipment for the flatbed trailer market. Established in 2016 in Dover, Ohio, the company manufactures a diverse range of products, including: an innovative, patent-pending design trademarked as the X-Lite flatbed trailer, aluminum drop deck trailers, aluminum and steel dump products (frameless and frame type configuration), and custom designs. For more company information, visit www.extremetrailersllc.com.